At ToothBuds, our primary goal is to ensure your child has a positive experience from start to finish—resulting in healthy smiles and happy keiki.

Our Team

Central to our mission is our amazing and dedicated staff. We carefully select individuals who not only possess the highest level of dental skills, but also have a genuine love for working with children. Our pediatric dentists and dental hygienists are not only highly trained and experienced, but they also have a natural ability to connect with children, making them feel at ease during their dental appointments. Our team is skilled in explaining procedures in a child-friendly manner, ensuring that your child feels comfortable and informed every step of the way.

Our Technology

To stay at the forefront of dentistry, we embrace up-to-date technology in our practice. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide the most advanced and gentle dental care. Whether it's using digital X-rays for reduced radiation exposure or our state of the art restorative techniques that eliminate the need for shots in most procedures, our commitment to technology ensures that your child receives the best possible care in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Environment

As your child waits for their appointment, our waiting room is not just a mundane space; it's a haven for fun and excitement. We understand that children may feel anxious before their dental visit, so we've thoughtfully designed our waiting area to be a source of entertainment and distraction. Colorful, child-friendly decor welcomes your little ones, and our selection of age-appropriate toys, books, and games captivate their imagination and make waiting time fly by.

At ToothBuds, we want to be a part of your child's dental journey by providing extraordinary dental care and creating happy smiles in a family friendly environment, so they can have a positive dental foundation to last a lifetime.